Friday, March 28, 2008

Today is SPLURGE day!

I have one "goal" for my weight loss - currently 165, it's moved around a little as I get closer and have a better idea what I'll look like - but I've also set up several "milestones" and allow myself to celebrate them. The last one was when I broke 200 pounds. I was a bad dieter tho - it took me so long to decide what I wanted to do to celebrate, I ended up doing nothing and waiting for my next milestone - 185. Which I hit today.

So today, I hit 185. When I hit that speed bump when I quit smoking, I moved 185 out to yesterday's weigh in as far as when I wanted to see that weight. As it turns out, I missed it by one day. If you'd asked me 10 days ago, I'd have told you I didn't think I'd see it until sometime towards the end of April, so it was a nice surprise to get past it now rather than later.

I went to Perkins with a friend and cashed in those 2 "free meal" vouchers (see this post) and got the pancakes AND a muffin! I learned that since I eat so little (zero?) refined sugar normally, I prefer pancakes without the sugar syrup. They're so rich and fluffy they're a treat just with a little butter.

Tonight I'm having some sort of pasta as a SIDE dish, and we have Perkin's brownies for dessert.

I'm pretty good with this weight loss thing - you can reward yourself with food when you hit milestones. What I don't know what to do with is smoking. I'm pretty sure that rewarding myself for 30 days smoke free with a cigar or cigarette would be a good way to end up a smoker again. Today is day 50 not smoking. I have until day 60 to come up with a reward for myself. Comments and ideas welcome!

Speaking of Smoking and Quitting Smoking, look for a post in the near future about the tobacco free Florida commercials.

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