Monday, February 18, 2008

Perkins. Dirty Dishes, Great Customer Service.

So Saturday I was going to meet a friend for lunch, then go catch a movie (Maybe, Definitely was the movie. I enjoyed it, although according to the WOACAs in front of me, making a few, quiet comments to the person next to me is "talking through the whole movie" lol). I like breakfast food. Don't get to have it very often, since I tend to drink breakfast. So I look forward to these weekend brunches when I get to eat eggs, bacon, toast, etc. etc.

We arrive at Perkins, order waters, coffee for me, a diet coke for my friend, and I unwrap my silverware. The knife has a big splotch of dried egg on it. So does the spoon. Also the fork. Gross.

The coffee gets here. There's a dark, dirty ring on the inside of the mug. There's caked on grime on my water glass, with bits floating in the water. The outside of the coffee pot has some sort of dark, oily looking substance around the top where filth has built up over time.

I explain to the waitress that I don't feel comfortable getting food here, because it's going to come out on plates that are likely just as dirty, but with the food covering the dirt, how will we know? We get up to leave, and I stop and talk to the manager. I got the assistant manager. She seems completely unconcerned. Says "Oh, the dishwashed probably forgot to clean out the trap, that's all! Hope you'll come back and try us again!". Well, yes. The dishwasher probably did forget. Then the waitstaff ignored the dirty silverware when they were rolling it up in the napkins. Ignored the dirty glasses, didn't mention the dirty coffee cups, ignored the dirty glasses. The management (her) also apparently didn't pay any attention, or she'd have noticed that all the dishes in her restaurant were dirty. This wasn't one person, it was the entire staff.

Not being happy with the manager's "oh well!" attitude, I e-mailed Perkins when I got home. I explained what happened, and pointed out that I saw no reason to go back and give them another chance. It's my money, and for my money, I don't see a good reason to go to a place that I may well have to walk out of again.

Sunday afternoon, I get a call from the store manager. He agrees that all of the items at the table being dirty is excessive, and says he'll address the issue. He asks if I'd be willing to come back in if it was on him. Well, sure - that seems fair. He promises that corporate will be mailing me 2 free meal coupons, and takes down my address.

My experience at Perkin's wasn't good, but my experience with customer service was fantastic.

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