Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Television Returns...sort of.

TV Guide has an article up outlining what we're likely to get out of the rest of the TV season this year. The shows I care most about (well, the ones that aren't being canceled) are listed here. There's a longer list available in the article.

Battlestar Galactica
Returns April 4 with first half of 20-episode final season. Production on second half could start as early as March. Airdate for those TBD.

Four pre-strike episodes left. Unclear whether additional episodes will be produced for this season.

Boston Legal
Expected to shoot 6 to 8 new episodes to air in April/May.

Burn Notice
Production on Season 2 expected to get under way in late April. New episodes could start airing as early as July.

The Closer
Expected to kick off its fourth season this summer.

Desperate Housewives
Expected to shoot 4 to 7 new episodes to air in April/May.

Grey's Anatomy
Expected to shoot 4 to 7 new episodes to air in April/May

Expected to shoot 4 to 6 new episodes to air in April/May.

Seven episodes remain. No additional episodes expected for this season.

Six pre-strike episodes remain. Five additional episodes could air this season.

Could produce a handful of new episodes to air in April/May.

Season 5 concludes Feb. 19. Production on the show's eight-episode sixth season expected to start up this summer. Airdate TBD.

Expected to shoot 5 to 9 new episodes to air in March/April/May.

Private Practice
Slim chance it could return with 4 or 5 new episodes this season. Either way, it'll be back in the fall.

Three pre-strike episodes remain. Expected to shoot 5 or 6 additional episodes to air in April/May.

The Shield
Final season already shot. Airdate TBD.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Four pre-strike episodes remain. Future beyond that TBD.

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